St Mary's, Ketton and All Saints, Tinwell

St Mary's Church, Ketton and
All Saints' Church, Tinwell

The work of the church and upkeep of the church buildings is funded by the generous gifts from members of the congregation, the local community and visitors to the church.

If you would like to give to the church reqularly the easiest way is to give through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS).  Soon you will also be able to make one-off gifts through this method.

PGS collects your regular donations by Direct Debit.  If you pay tax you can also increase the value of your gift through Gift Aid, so for every £1 you give, PGS is able to pay the church an extra 25p which it reclaims from the HM Revenue and Customs.  PGS does all the administration at no cost to the church.  Giving by this method also offers you the option to give anonymously which means your name is never passed on to the church.

To set up your giving through PGS select the church you want to support below:


Contactless Giving at St Mary's

Card Reader for donating by credit or debit card.

As well as the donation boxes in each church, St Mary’s has a card reader through which you can give using a contactless debit or credit card. You can choose to give from £1 to £100.  As for all card transactions a small amount will be retained by the card provider for their fee, the rest is paid the the church.  The church is also able to reclaim 25p in the pound through Gift Aid on all single gifts up to £30.  (This is called the ‘small donations scheme‘ and also applies to cash donations made in collection plates or donation boxes.)

The card reader is easy to use, just follow the onscreen instructions.