Ketton and Tinwell Benefice

St Mary's Church, Ketton and
All Saints' Church, Tinwell

To book a Christening (Baptism)

Christening is the name often given to the Christian rite of baptism. It is the occasion when a child or adult is baptised into the Lord Jesus Christ and becomes a member of God’s family.

In bringing a child to baptism you will be asked to affirm that you intend to bring up the child within the Christian faith, that you will help and encourage that child to attend worship regularly and by your example will help them to grow and mature in the Christian faith.

Godparents are friends or family who are prepared to make these promises alongside the parents and support them in this task. It is usual to have three godparents. Two of the same gender as the child and one of the opposite gender. More are possible.

Godparents are required to be baptised and should be confirmed. This is because they are making baptismal promises on behalf of the child. However, the requirement for a godparent to be confirmed can be relaxed. Please check this with those who you are thinking of inviting to be godparents.

Children should normally be baptised in their own parish church. If parents are seeking baptism in some other church, they may be asked to seek authorisation from the priest of their own parish.

If you would like to book a christening please contact the
Pastoral Assistant, Julia Freeman, who will take your details and contact a member of the clergy on your behalf who will get in touch with you and arrange to visit you.
Email: Julia Freeman (
Tel 01780 720869

Currently the benefice is in interregnum, without a priest, and Julia is the first point of contact for enquiries.
There is no charge for a baptism but we are very grateful for all donations to the ministry in Ketton and Tinwell.

To find out more about Christenings in the Church of England please click on this link.