Rev Olwen Woolcock

Family Service 6 Dec 2020

Family Service 6 Dec 2020

Family Service 6 Dec 2020
Click the triangular play button in the image above to view the video of the church service

This service was recorded at St Mary’s Ketton. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this service together.

It is great to be back at church now, but of course we realise that not all of our congregation will be able to attend church at the moment. So next week will produce a prerecorded service that you can watch that will be available early on Sunday morning.

One thought on “Family Service 6 Dec 2020

  1. Christine

    Thank you so much for recording this wonderful service for those of us at home to share in. A huge thank you to the Family Service Team, Alwyn & the choir & the children who took part, as well as Olwen & all those involved in preparations.

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