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St Mary's Church, Ketton and
All Saints' Church, Tinwell

The Prayer Course

Ketton and Tinwell Churches Together Lent Course

‘The Prayer Course’

The Prayer Course is for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God. The disciples said to Jesus ‘Lord teach us to pray!’ Have you ever asked the same question? How to pray, why pray, what should I pray? However long you have been a Christian, there is always more to learn
about prayer.

The prayer course is an eight-week journey through the Lord’s Prayer. This year Ketton and Tinwell Churches Together are running it as a Lent Course.

When: Tuesday mornings in Ketton Methodist Church 9.45am – 11.00am. 

First Session:
Tuesday February 14th Ketton Methodist Church at 9.45am.  (Last session Tuesday 4th April)

If you would prefer to do an evening course, please let Olwen know and we will provide materials and set up a group.

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Information about the course: